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Direct Measurements of Nanomagnets for Memory Devices

Companies around the world are developing a new type of magnetic memory that employs a mechanism first demonstrated at Cornell for writing information in nanoscale magnetic devices.  This mechanism, the “spin torque” effect, allows an electrical current to efficiently reorient the north and south magnetic poles in memory bits.  Researchers in the Center for Nanoscale Systems at Cornell, working with IBM scientists, have recently developed a way to make the first quantitative measurements of this spin torque in memory devices.  We find that the torque grows strongly with current -- good news for the development of the new magnetic technologies.

[Lead CNS Investigators: Ralph and Buhrman Groups – Nanomagnetics Thrust, Center for Nanoscale Systems, Cornell University. ]

For additional information see:
J. C. Sankey, Y.-T. Cui, J. Z. Sun, J. C. Slonczewski, R. A. Buhrman, and D. C. Ralph, “Measurement of the Spin-Transfer-Torque Vector in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions,” Nature Physics Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 67-71, Jan. 2008.


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