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A New Course for College Freshmen: Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Engineering

CNS has co-sponsored the development of a new course to give college freshmen a hands-on introduction to nanoscale science and engineering (NSE). The popular introductory course has been taught to over 160 students and was oversubscribed the last two semesters it was offered. Lectures are taught by expert faculty researchers on topics including fabrication and characterization of nanoscale devices and a wide range of technological applications of NSE. Lab activities include imaging individual atoms on a graphite surface and using current research techniques to grow carbon nanotubes. Over 95% of the students would recommend the course to another student, citing reasons such as, “Lots of new and exciting technology introduced,” and, “We got really cool opportunities in lab.” Nearly 90% of the students reported that the experience stimulated their interest in NSE and many intend to specialize in this field. Efforts are currently underway to share course materials with other colleges.

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