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Taking Educational Outreach to Minority-Serving Schools

While located in upstate New York , the CNS Educational Outreach Program has, by establishing collaborations with a far-flung group of educators, successfully established satellite sites that extend its operations to the national level and allow the program to effectively reach minority-serving school districts. Satellites have been established in the regions of Los Angeles , Salt Lake City , Cleveland and New York City ; the map (upper left) shows the number of teachers that have attended workshops at each location. At most satellites CNS has built partnerships with minority-serving school districts to train their teachers on nanoscale science and engineering hands-on learning activities and to recruit them for our summer high school physics teachers institute at Cornell. In Queens , NY , (33% African-American, 39% Hispanic) CNS organized three workshops (right picture) and recruited five city teachers to 2004 Summer Institute at Cornell. In Los Angeles CNS organized two workshops (lower left picture) with Whittier Union School District (78% Hispanic) and recently opened a lending library with support from CNS faculty member David Tanenbaum (Ponoma College); the library has already received more than a dozen requests for CNS hands-on learning kits.


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