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Cornell University
Alyssa Apsel Electrical and Engineering Physics
Sunil Bhave Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert Buhrman Applied and Engineering Physics
Alexander Gaeta Applied and Engineering Physics
Stephen Hilgartner Science and Technology Studies
Melissa Hines Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Edwin Kan Electrical and Computer Engineering
Eun-Ah Kim Physics
Michal Lipson Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Marohn Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Paul McEuen Physics
David Muller Applied and Engineering Physics
Jiwoong Park Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Daniel Ralph Physics
Farhan Rana Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Silcox Applied and Engineering Physics
Michael Spencer Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sandip Tiwari Electrical and Computer Engineering
Frank Wise Applied and Engineering Physics
City College of New York
David Crouse Electrical Engineering
Brigham Young University
Robert Davis Physics and Astronomy
University of New Mexico
David Dunlap Physics and Astronomy
Colgate University
Mary Elizabeth Parks Physics and Astronomy
Pomona College
David Tanenbaum Physics and Astronomy
Former CNS Participants
Piet Brouwer Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems, Freie Universitaet
Bruce Lewenstein Communication, Cornell University
Chekesha Liddell Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University
Bradly Minch Electrical and Computer Engineering, Olin College
George Malliaras Materials Science and Engineering
Yuri Suzuki Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley
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