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The Nanophotonics Thrust is concerned with using nanoscale control of materials and components for switching, guiding, and generating light for the next generation of telecommunication devices and systems. The research focus encompasses both critical system aspects of the optical layer of the telecommunication infrastructure and applications in information transmission and processing systems that operate over shorter distances (e.g., within a computer architecture) than has heretofore been associated with fiber communications. There are three areas of technology focus: 1) Lead-salt quantum dots, 2) Photonic crystal fibers, and 3) Silicon nanophotonics.


Thrust Group Leader:

Prof. Michal Lipson
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
214 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 255-7877

Faculty contributors:

Prof. Alexander Gaeta
Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University
224 Clark Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 255-9983

Prof. Frank Wise
Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University
252 Clark Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 255-1184

Post Doctoral Fellows:

Byung-Ryool Hyun (5/2003 - 10/2005)
Kevin Moll (5/2003 - 6/2004)
Dimitre Ouzounov (11/2003 - 10/2004)
Reza Salem
Liangfeng Sun

Graduate Students:

Adam Bartnik
Daniel Broaddus
Lu Chen (PhD 2004)
Stephen Clark
Mark Foster
Saikat Ghosh (PhD 2006)
Chris Hensley
Jeffrey Harbold (PhD 2005)
Doug Homoelle (PhD 2003)
Chen Long
Yoshi Okawachi
Carl Poitras (PhD 2006)
Stephan Preble (PhD 2006)
Kyle Preston
Bradley Schmidt (PhD 2008)
Qianfan Xu (PhD 2007)

REU Students:

Miguel Alamillo, University of Texas at El Paso (summer 2006)
Phillip Anderson, Mississippi State University (summer 2005)
Kiana Aran, City College of CUNY (summer 2006)
Jamie Burdeski, Purdue University (summer 2008)
Aleksandra Czajka, Cornell University (summer 2003)
Zachary Gault, Wright State University (summer 2009)
Betsy Hall, Austin Peay State University (summer 2006)
Johanna Heureaux, New York University (summer 2009)
Daniel Huang, Princeton University (summer 2008)
William Huston, Alabama A&M University (summer 2005)
Sareet Jacob, Brown University (summer 2003)
Martin MacLean, Universidad Metropolitana (summer 2004)
Trista Martin, Jackson State University (summer 2004)
Robert Meyers, Cornell University (summer 2003)
Sarah Petersen, University of Wisconsin (summer 2005)
Justin Solinsky, Shippensburg University (summer 2008)
Elyse Steiner, Smith College (summer 2004)
John Wilcox, Brigham Young University (summer 2004)

Research Highlights

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