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Program information:

  • interdisciplinary nanoscience projects with Cornell faculty addressing the physics, chemistry, fabrication and analysis of next generation information technologies
  • participation in nano lectures on cutting edge research
  • nano courses for research skill building and lab visits
  • application deadline: February 9, 2011 (applications will be available in November)
  • notification by : March 9, 2011
  • duration: 10 weeks, from June 6th to August 12th
  • stipend: $3800 + up to $600 for travel
  • on-campus housing with your fellow summer students
  • meal plan including on- and off-campus dining
  • a variety of recreational activities


  • open to fall 2011 undergraduates who are US citizens or permanent residents
  • minority and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
  • all physical science and engineering majors are welcome to apply
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