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Silicon-based Nanoelectronics


The objective of the CNS Nanoelectronics Thrust is the development and advancement of the performance, capability and functionality of nanoelectronic semiconductor devices, circuits and architectures well beyond what can be achieved with conventional electronics. This thrust includes efforts that are concerned with revolutionary advances in silicon electronics and efforts that focus on the effective utilization of the novel capabilities of carbon-based electronic materials.

In Silicon Nanoelectronics CNS seeks the innovation of new technology that will enable performance beyond what will be possible with conventional CMOS scaling. The strategy is to synergistically develop technology, devices, circuits, architecture, and new approaches to interconnects, so that the central issues of performance, power, design, reproducibility and implementation can be addressed simultaneously for digital, analog, and mixed signal processing.


Thrust Group Leader:

Prof. Sandip Tiwari
Director, Cornell Nanofabrication Facility
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
Knight Lab
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-2329

Faculty contributors:

Prof. Alyssa Apsel
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
412 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 255-3962

Prof. Edwin Kan
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
404 Phillips Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 255-3998

Visiting Fellow:

Jay Van Delden (2005 - 2006)

Post Doctoral Fellow:

Haitao Liu (2004)

Graduate Students:

Uygar Avci (PhD 2005)
Udayan Ganguly (PhD 2006)
Andre Harrison (M.Eng 2006)
Tuo-Hung Hou (PhD 2008)
Blake Jacquot (PhD 2008)
Abhishek Kammula (MS 2004)
Myongseob Kim (PhD 2005)
Arvind Kumar (PhD 2006)
Chungho Lee (PhD 2004)
Jaegoo Lee
Hao Lin
Nini Munoz
Venkat Narayanan (PhD 2005)
Anand Pappu (PhD 2006)
Joshua Rubin
Yu-Min Shen (PhD 2004)
Xuan Zhang

REU Students:

Anna Binney, City College New York (summer 2005)
Vinayak Deshpande, University of Virginia (summer 2004)
Evan Haas, University of Buffalo (summer 2003)
William Huston, Alabama A&M University (summer 2005)
Calvin Kuo, UC Berkeley (summer 2003)
Martin MacLean, Universidad Metropolitana (summer 2004)
Scott McClure, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (summer 2008)
Fanshon Montgomery, Alcorn State University (summer 2008)
Anosua Mukhopadhyay, Cornell University (summer 2006)
Jeffrey Russom, Rice University (summer 2008)
Sergey Sarkisov, University of Alabama at Huntsville (summer 2005)
Noah Stein, Cornell University (summer 2003)

Research Highlights

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